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"I took a real risk buying the CD as I'd never heard of you before.  I'm so glad that I took that risk. The CD is never off my player.  Thank you!"  MS, UK

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Stuart Wood


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"This CD really breaks the mould of so called music for creative arts.  Rather than just a re-hash of music already released, or some clever work on a computer using sampled sounds, you use real instruments, real feeling, original ideas and real talent."  RJS, USA

"It's so unlike anything I've ever heard before.  We would love you to come and perform some tracks at one of our events.  Well done!"  LLB, Wales

"Why have we not heard of you before.  Our dance and drama group has been revolutionised since we started using your music.  Very powerful.  When audiences ask us where we get the music from, we're pleased to tell them!"  LPJ, UK

... Just 4 comments from customers.

MP3 samples of tracks from 'Soundscapes' can be played using the player below ... currently playing is part of Mutendereze Mukama (Track 2 on Soundscapes).  Please note that these are low fidelity to keep file size small and do not reflect the sound quality of the actual CD.

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Stuart Wood
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Track Listing:

  1. Nothing For Us? (Narrated Version)
  2. Mutendereze Mukama
  3. Dry Bones? (Narrated Version)
  4. Amnesty (Narrated Version)
  5. Springs and Streams
  6. In the Beginning (Narrated Version)
  7. Plains, Valleys and Mountains
  8. Nothing For Us?
  9. Dry Bones?
  10. Amnesty
  11. In the Beginning


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